Come one come all to the greatest show on Earth.  The RAP BASTARDZ live at AD on Highland in Hollywood this Wednesday October 9th at 9:30 sharp.  Doors open at 8:30. 


Rap Bastardz, Fillthee Immigrants, Purple Kush and Super Dank Brothers plus Power 106 DJ's spinning all night.

The Rap Bastardz show will feature offensive dance tracks, half-naked women, a seven foot bong and TONS of fake cash!  Check out http://www.rapbastardz.com to get an idea of the madness.  See what Jack Osbourne, Russell Simmons, Irv Gotti, Ron Fair, Papa Roach and Teddy Porn are all raving about.  HOOKERS & BLOW!

$8.00 Pre-sale tickets available by e-mailing jesus@rapbastardz.com or phoning 310-890-0559

If you miss this show, you'll be crying to your shrink about it for the next 20 sessions.


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