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Shortarmguy's Diary

Diary Entry For May 25, 2008

Last Saturday, we had fun with the Cub Scouts at their annual Pack Picnic at Hidden Valley Park, in Savage, Minnesota.  We spent quite a bit of time in the Credit River kicking up rocks and looking for crawdads.  Thank God we didn't find any!

Joey, Karl, and I had quite an eye opening conversation on a very manly topic.  I wanted to tell you what we discussed, but Miss Sheri wouldn't let me talk about it.  Needless to say, I learned a lot from these guys. 

On Thursday night, we went and saw the new Indiana Jones movie.  It was fun, it was a thrill ride, and the boys loved it.  It also paid a lot of tributes to the original series.  That being said, both Miss Sheri and I left the theater feeling somewhat disappointed.  It goes on a lot of unbelievable tangents that just seemed to be a bit over the top.  I know the Indiana Jones movies were always a bit on the fantastical side, but this one goes to a whole new level that I thought was unnecessary.  I'm still giving the movie One Big Thumb Up, but it almost went the other way.

On Friday night, we stopped by Lakefront Park.  Luke reverted back to his true Crocodile Hunter form by capturing this big, fat toad shortly after we arrived.  It was pretty cute how it sat in Luke's hands while he walked around showing it to everyone.  Then we had to crush his spirits by telling him he couldn't keep it.  I think the toad was a little crushed as well.  

Avery called me over and said he wanted me to shoot him doing a trick on his skateboard.  When I came to the stairs, he was posed like this.  So I turned on the video camera and told him to Go.  He shook his head and told me "No, I just want you to take a picture of me up here!"  I must admit, he did look pretty cool.

Later on Friday night, we connected with our old friends, Khang and Christine, to do the huge buffet at Mystic Lake Casino.  I'd planned on taking some pictures of us eating, but it turned out I never put down my silverware long enough to get a shot. 

On Saturday, we said "Screw the crappy weather!"  and went on a boat ride.  We were determined to take the boys fishing which turned out to be a bit of a mess because we were also determined to bring our dog, Sunny, and he took great interest in the worms we placed on our hooks.  Fishing and Sunny are not a great combination.

As a matter of fact, boating and Sunny are not a great combination.  He's such a spaz while he's on the boat!  I think it's because he loves to swim so much that it's just torture for him to look around at all this great water and he's just supposed to ride around on top of it.

Saturday afternoon brought us to a new place.  It's called Chutes and Ladders and it's a free community park in the Hyland Lake Park Reserve in Bloomington, MN.  We discovered that we could set the boys free in the play area for a half hour and suddenly they no longer had any energy to talk back to us.  We now plan on going there on a daily basis.

I took the plunge down the longest slide in the park.  I entered at the top and then thought it would make a fun picture, so I pulled my camera out (by kostis iacovatos).  The kids started screaming at me to Go from both the top and bottom of the slide, but I think if they would have seen the results of this photo they would have wanted to be a lot more patient with me.

On Saturday night, Miss Sheri seemingly was fed up with all her yard work and decided it would be a better idea to just set the entire yard on fire.  Luckily our bricked in pit contained the flames, but I think she might try again soon.  She's a little bit of a psycho.




























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