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Introduction --- January 20, 2002

I owe you.  Each and everyone that reads this page has something in common.  Shortarmguy is in debt to you.

Before you get too excited, I'm not sending out checks.  However, I do feel the need to compensate you somehow. 

Let me explain.

Ever since I can remember, I've wanted to be rich and famous.  I've detailed my fame dream before (Legend of Shortarmguy) but I've never really talked about my desire to be wealthy.  So let me spell it out for you.  I want to be rich.  Mega-rich.  Screw being a millionaire, I want to be a billionaire.  

I live and breathe the subject of personal finance.  Every free second of the day (that I'm not selling computers, designing websites dedicated to crazy crippled guys, watching the lights of my life Luke and Avery, or wrestling my wife, Sheri) I'm studying new ways to make money.  Between books, websites, videos, and audio programs, I've spent more than 1000 man hours on the subject of getting rich.

I have a ways to go.  I still work for someone else and the market crash has sent me backwards instead of forward.   However, I'm learning new things every day and I will never give up until I fulfill my dream!  Which brings me to the reason why I said I'm in debt to the viewers of this website.

In my quest for money, I experiment with different methods for creating income.  

I've tried many crazy tactics...most of them legal.  

Last week, I pulled a real boner.  I tried begging for money.

I stooped to a new low on Shortarmguy.com.  I tried to take advantage of the loyal readers of this website. 

I'm sorry for my momentary bout with insanity.

For those who didn't visit my site during the week of January 13th, 2002, this is what I did.  I created a page soliciting tips from my visitors.  Here's one of the photos I used:

 Needless to say, not a single one of the 70 + people that stopped by the tips page made a donation.  They recognized this as a cheap ploy to scam their money.  Some expressed surprise that Shortarmguy would sink to this level of greed.

A tremendous wave of guilt washed over me.  What was I thinking begging for money?

 I said to myself "What can I do to make it up to the wonderful people that visit my site each week"  

Then like a burst of lighting, inspiration hit me.   

I shouted "I've got it!  I'll help make them rich with me!!"

With that thought, I wrote a plan to help the readers of my site to find success, financial freedom and happiness in life.   

I'll create an area dedicated to the study of personal finance.  I'll attempt various ways to become rich and write about them.   I'll post the best ideas contributed by readers.  I'll master the art of personal finance and share what I learn.  

My first goal is financial freedom.  Where my money works so I don't have to.   

Every week or so, I'll cover a different topic.


Getting Started 

Here's the best way to get started on your quest for financial freedom.  Pick a Saturday to go through your entire house.  Sort all your stuff into four piles.  Divide into the shit your going to keep, shit your going to throw away, shit your going to give away to friends or charity, and shit your going to sell.  After you've done this, you'll feel great about yourself.  Your life will have order and you'll have done a good deed by giving stuff you don't need any more to people that do need it.

Pat yourself on the back for a job well done.

For the next few weeks, we'll focus on the sell pile.  We'll cover what items sell well, what the best sites on the internet are to sell it, how to market your items to get top dollar for them, and how to get paid.

Here are my favorite sites you can use to sell your old stuff. 

Amazon Marketplace.  The best place to sell old books, videos, and CD's.  They charge a pretty hefty commission, but they also have one of the largest audiences on the internet.  If you want to quickly sell that copy of the diet book "Eat Right 4 Your Type", Amazon Marketplace is a great place to start.

Find just about any game at eBay

The Granddaddy of online auctions.  This is the best place to start a business on the internet quickly and easily.  Simply put, if you put your items up to sell on Ebay, someone will buy it at top dollar.  I'm constantly amazed by what people will pay for your old junk when you auction it here.  

Half.com: buy/sell used books, music, movies,games

Now owned by Ebay.  One of the best places to sell books, videos, DVD's, video games, computer software, trading cards, and more.   

Paypal is the fastest, safest, and easiest way to send or receive money via the internet.  Sign up is quick and easy!!  It's so cool, you won't believe you haven't done it earlier.  Click on the logo to the left and sign up right away.  They'll give you $5 just for opening an account.  They'll even give me $5 for referring you!  Remember, we're going to get rich together!!  This is a great way to start!!

We'll go into greater detail on each of these sites in the future.  

Next week we'll explore putting some of your items up for sale on Ebay.    I'll show how to put an item up for auction and  give out a live link so you can watch how the auction progresses with me.

Anyone having questions, feedback, or good ideas on finding financial freedom via the internet, please email comments to Shortarmguy@aol.com.  Shortarmguy will add them to his current research and the best ideas, concepts and opportunities will appear on this page.

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