Clear Lake High School Class of 1988

20 Year Class Reunion

Diary Entry For July 20, 2008

On Friday, Miss Sheri and I drove down to Iowa to spend the weekend without our children!!  It was like heaven to have two whole nights where we could be reckless and wild!  Normally the law forces us to be responsible parents during our weekends, so it was nice to be able to shake that burden for a change!

The reason we went down to Clear Lake was to celebrate my 20 year high school class reunion.  It was wild seeing how much people had changed and learning about all the cool things people are doing now.  

We had so much fun re-connecting with old friends that I'm thinking we should be having reunions like this on a monthly basis instead of every five or ten years.

I don't know why, but I'm starting to get the impression that I must taste pretty good.

This is Tim.  We met for the first time very, very late on Friday at a bar called Rumorz.  Tim recognized me from Miami Ink and spent quite a bit of time telling me how inspired he was by my story on the show and from subsequent visits to this website.  I told Tim he's my new best friend.

On Saturday afternoon a group of us went to the high school to have a tour of our old stomping ground.  They've done quite a bit of remodeling since we went there, so it didn't bring back nearly as many memories as I thought it would.  The place just didn't look that familiar to me.  I suppose it also has to do with the fact that I've killed so many of those brain cells that were once dedicated to the memories from high school.  Oh well.

Our Economics Teacher, Mr. Calanan, was nice enough to share part of his Saturday giving us the tour.  I told him that he didn't look any different than he did 20 years ago when he taught us, but he didn't agree.  Then he sent me to the Principal's Office for being disrespectful.

On Saturday night, we had a nice dinner at PM Park in Clear Lake.  The food was great, but sadly they were really short on seats so we had to share.  I didn't mind at all except for the fact that it was a little bit hard to eat.  Also, I've been trying really hard to figure out exactly what Kelly was doing with her hand while this photo was being taken.

I didn't realize this while going to school, but apparently there was some kind of height requirements for the girls in our grade.  If a girl fell out of a certain 3 inch range, she was kicked out of school.

We had late nights both Friday and Saturday.  I tried to find a nice photo from the after events on Saturday night, but this is the cleanest one I could find.  In most of the other photos, Jason didn't have his pants on.



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