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I will put a new site on this page each week.  This will be a site that either made me laugh my butt off, twisted my mind, or inspired me in some way.  If I can't find a site like this each week, the link will probably lead to a bunch of naked chicks!!


December 31, 2005

Jingle Shells --- Why Santa can't fly over Minnesota!

Seagate Buys Maxtor --- Shortarmguy's Alter Ego, Todd Swank, comments on the recent merger in the hard drive business.

You Tube --- You Tube is an incredibly cool site!  You can upload as many videos as you want for free and share them with whomever you want or with the whole world!!  The only restriction I've seen so far is that video files must be under 100 MB each!  There is so much cool stuff on this website!!  Here are a couple of my favorites I found this week!

Chronic of Narnia Rap

Sarah Michelle Gellar Holding Her Own Boobs Magazine Commercial


December 26, 2005

Holiday Snowglobe --- Shake those Villagers!  Shake them like a Polaroid Picture.

 Elf Snowball Fight --- Smack Will Ferrell in the head with a snowball!

DaVinci Code Trailer --- The first trailer for The DaVinci Code!  Great book & I love Tom Hanks, so it should be a pretty good movie!

JibJab --- JibJab's new video is online.  Personally, I think their humor level has been going downhill since their first one hit it big.

Your Wife Called --- You just gotta love the video capabilities of these new cel phones!!




December 18, 2005

Divorce Kevin --- Some people don't think that Kevin Federline is a good thing for Britney Spears.  I'm not sure I care enough about Britney Spears to even want to dedicate a brain cell or two thinking about her relationships.  Although I do think she's hotter than a burning ember!

White Trash Christmas --- I'm guessing this is the song that Britney and Kevin will be singing for the holidays!

Silver Star Mountain --- New photos of Bigfoot!  Or some guy standing on a mountain.

Win $100,000! --- Have an idea for a new business?  Gateway might pay you $100,000 for it!  Or they'll steal it for free...

If you have high speed internet access and you haven't tried making video phone calls yet with a webcam like the Logitech Quickcam Pro 4000, you will freak out at what you've been missing.  Trust me on this one!


December 11, 2005

St Redneckerless --- Destined to be a Christmas Classic!

Make Me King --- A Fun Thing To Do with Ketchup and Baking Soda!

Google Book Search --- You can now search for information from a whole bunch of books thanks to Google pissing off every Publisher in America!


December 4, 2005

Christmas Light Concert --- Somebody obviously has a little too much time on their hands!

Paris Hilton Pose --- I never realized this before, but it appears Paris Hilton's face is paralyzed and always looks the exact same!

These girls are sick! --- Well, that settles it.  Every fetish now has it's own website devoted to it!

Dawn of the Carbon Age --- Steel was the big thing in the 1800's, Plastic in the 1900's, and it appears that the big thing for the 21st century is going to be....Bucky Tubes?!?!?!  This is an interesting article that explains why this is the case.  Can someone please tell me where do I place my investment dollars?  I want to be the Rockefeller of the Bucky Tube!!

Looking for a Christmas Gift for that Uber-Geek on your List?  A subscription to Wired Magazine would be a great choice.  It's one of my favorite magazines!!  Wired puts you on the front lines of the 21st century, with insightful and in-depth coverage of the people, companies, and ideas that are transforming our lives


November 27, 2005

The Kid From Brooklyn --- If you enjoyed the Bat Day video above, then visit this website to check out the dozens more video from The Big Man, Mike Caracciolo.  Great stuff!

King Kong --- I'm getting really excited to see King Kong!  The latest trailer is incredible and makes me think Peter Jackson has another big winner here!  I can't wait until December 14th to see it!!!

Superman Returns ---- Also check out the trailer for Superman Returns which comes out Summer of 2006.  It looks pretty darn good as well!

I want a Video Ipod!!  How about you?

November 20, 2005

Carolina Cheerleaders Busted --- So let me get this straight.  There were these two Carolina Panthers Cheerleaders making love in a bathroom stall.  And they look like this.  And somebody wanted to interrupt them?  She's the one that should have been arrested!

I want it that way --- The original Asian Boy Band.  The Back Street Boys Never Sounded So Good!

Delicious --- Bored?  This site will give you a constant flow of interesting websites to browse!

Top Movie Nude Scenes since 1999 --- Warning!  Obviously, there's nudity here.  Silly.

You know, the more I watch the new version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, the more I like it.  Of course, the original with Gene Wilder was a classic, but this version by Tim Burton and Johnny Depp definitely has a charm all it's own.  Click the picture for details.


November 13, 2005

Classic Movie Trailers --- I just love watching the original theatrical trailers of movie classics!

Halloween Hangman --- This is a fun little Halloween game.

Thanksgiving Song --- Halloween is over so it's on to bashing Thanksgiving!

Injury --- That boy sure can tell a good story!

Media Center Updates --- Shortarmguy's Alter Ego, Todd Swank,  is quoted in this month's Digital Connect discussing Media Center.


If you want to learn about all the wonderful (and scary) things that are happening to the world economy right now, check out this fantastic book!


November 6, 2005

Soduko Shack --- Have you played Soduko yet?  It's a wildly addictive game!  This site has hundreds of puzzles to keep you busy.  

Hallobowl --- A fun little bowling game to get you in the Halloween Mood!

IceSwipe --- Another fun little game from Coors Light

Adding and Subtracting ---- Wow!  Talk about taking body modifications to the extreme!

Here Comes SAS --- Shortarmguy's Alter Ego Todd Swank is quoted in Techweb's Storage Pipeline discussing the exciting new release of SAS based products.

October 30, 2005

Rat Monster --- This is a hilarious video called How To Scare A PETA member!

Scientomogy --- The Church of Scientology is going after the creator of this Tom Cruise Bashing Site!  Good luck getting around the First Amendment with this one!

Good News For Pot Smokers --- A new study shows that smoking pot actually helps produce new brain cells!  Crazy!!

Cool Power --- Shortarmguy's Alter Ego, Todd Swank, is quoted a couple different times in this week's Computer Reseller News talking about Power Saving small form factor PC's.

October 23, 2005

Thalidomide --- Now this guy looks familiar...

Post Secret --- This is an interesting site where people send in anonymous postcards detailing their deepest, darkest secrets.

Crazy --- Beyonce Boop!

Prehistoric Monster Uncovered --- I love monster tales!  Snopes has dug up a supposed news video from Asia which just might be revealing the corpse of an ancient giant beast!

Memory Game --- This is a fun little game of concentration

Rush Hour --- Why it's no fun to drive in Saigon

October 16, 2005

Python Vs Gator --- More details about the Snake - Alligator battle

Titanic --- Another mixed up movie trailer this time imagining Titanic as a Horror Flick

Janet Jackson Nude Sunbathing --- (Nudity Warning!) Some lucky photographer catches Janet Jackson laying out in the buff!

Swank Quotes --- Shortarmguy's Alter Ego, Todd Swank, is quoted in this article about notebook computers and this article about new PC form factors.

October 10, 2005

Pumpkin Carving --- You can make some really funky pumpkins with this...although it does take a little while to learn how to do it!

Lost --- My favorite show on TV last year seems to be taking some weird twists this year.  How the heck did a guy that Jack met earlier in life end up in a hidden bunker on the island?  I hope this show hasn't jumped the shark already...

Shining --- I haven't seen this Shining movie but it looks like it's a really heart-warming, inspiring story!

Ebay Auction --- Here's a great deal on some leather pants.  That is if you still want leather pants after reading the description!

Jowlers --- Now these is some funny pictures!

Tom Cruise Kills Oprah ---  Now this are a funny video!

October 2, 2005

Ashton Kutcher Voicemail Hacked --- These fellows figured out how to listen to Kelso's voicemail and then put them on a website!  Be sure to listen to the one marked Hot Chick....but it's definitely for Adults Only!!

Taser --- Ever wonder what happens when you shoot a bull with a stun gun?

The Seventies Jukebox -- If you ever need a quick fix for some Groovy 70's tunes, this site will help!

Scared of Santa --- This is a great photo gallery featuring children terrified of Saint Nick!

September 25, 2005

Hurricane Katrina Live Report --- An angry squirrel goes after the media!

Hurricane Volunteer --- I thought this was a pretty intense page on Snopes.

Positive Pause --- Now, this is a pleasant site!

Bush Bathroom Break --- You may have seen the Reuters photo with Bush writing a note to Condi asking for a bathroom break.  But have you seen the response?

Bill Gates Is Buddies Napoleon Dynamite --- I always thought these two would make a good match!

CRN Quote --- Shortarmguy's Alter Ego, Todd Swank, is quoted in this article about Intel wireless USB devices

September 17, 2005

Gone With The Water --- Eerie National Geographic article published in October 2004 which predicts many of the events similar to Hurricane Katrina hitting New Orleans.

The Specious Report --- Boy, The Democrats have been having a Field Day with the president the past couple of weeks.  This is a mock article titled "George Bush Declares Mission Accomplished in New Orleans"

Ben Stein --- Ben Stein wrote a great article defending Bush against all the Bashers. 

Discovery --- Incredible Photos of the latest Shuttle Launch

I Can't Afford My Gasoline --- I think there's a lot of people singing this song lately.

September 11, 2005

Hurricane Housing --- MoveOn.org has coordinated this website dedicated to finding housing for victims affected by Hurricane Katrina.  I haven't been a big fan of these people in the past, but I thought this was pretty cool.

Search Engines --- In a stunning move which took the financial world by surprise this week, Shortarmguy.com has acquired both Yahoo and Google.

Purina --- Confessions of Self-Admitted Poopers.

CRN Intel Article --- Shortarmguy's Alter Ego, Todd Swank, gives fascinating commentary on Intel's announcement about their forthcoming low powered computer processors.

September 4, 2005

Fantasy Football --- Are you ready for some football?  Shortarmguy drafts in two Fantasy Football leagues this week!   If you haven't drafted yet, you can set up a free Fantasy Football league via this AOL website.  You can also download a bunch of Cheat Sheets for your draft here as well.  If you use this and win your league, don't forget that Shotarmguy.com does accept donations!

Sam, The World's Ugliest Dog --- It might be time to put this one to sleep.

Comic Books Are Funny --- Wow, Superman can be a real jerk sometimes!

Where The Hell Is Matt --- Denise from Florida sent this to me.  She said this guy reminds her of the Numa Numa Dude.  I'm not sure I find him quite that entertaining, but some of you might...

August 29, 2005

Kook Sites --- Shortarmguy has been hard at work getting publicity for his site.  He's been lobbying and lobbying for weeks to get a coveted spot on the hot new website known simply as Kook Sites!  Now it's done!

Shortarmguy is proud to be a Kook!

Kicked In The Nuts --- John "Hammerhead" Finstad dug up this incredibly funny site.  Watch out.  You might be next on the show!

Space Elevator Competition --- Are you a scientist or an engineer?  Enter this unique challenge to build an elevator to the moon!

Blog Maverick --- I'm fascinated with Mark Cuban.  Ever since I first heard about him starting Broadcast.com and then selling it to Yahoo for mega-bucks, I've admired him.  This is a link to his personal Blog.  He discusses a lot of interesting stuff. 

Roasting Pamela Anderson --- Sarah Silverman is pretty dang funny.

New Mouse --- New High Tech Computer Mouse Currently Being Developed

August 21, 2005

 Entourage Lost Audition Tapes --- I absolutely love HBO's series Entourage.  This site shows some "Lost Audition Tapes" featuring different actors in memorable Entourage scenes.

Lust For Bust --- Try to sneak a peek at the chest of your buddy's hot sister.

Aquarium --- Octopus Vs Shark. Who do you think will win?

Madden 2006 --- Bush Vs Bush.  Who do you think will win?

Stuff On My Cat --- It's fun to put things on Kitty!

August 14, 2005

Hillary in 2008 --- This next presidential election is going to be tons of fun!!

Bush Flips off the Press --- Now that he doesn't have to worry about re-election, Bush told the press what he really thinks of them!

Paperboy --- If you've ever played the classic video game, Paperboy, than you will find this video hilarious!  These people re-enact the game game on an unsuspecting paperboy or paperman or whatever you want to call him.

Carlton Draught --- It's a big ad.

Pen Tricks --- Fun things to do with a pen

Digital Connect --- Shortarmguy's Alter Ego, Todd Swank, is quoted in this month's Digital Connect discussing the Digital Home and Media Center PC's.

August 6, 2005

Spooky Sounds of Saturn --- Saturn sounds like a pretty spooky place to hang out!  The Cassini spacecraft monitored intense radio emissions.  The radio waves are closely related to the auroras near the poles of the planet and are similar to Earth's northern and southern lights.  This is a link to an audio file of these radio emissions.

Spooky Sounds of Saturn in reverse --- Shortarmguy investigated the Saturn Radio Emissions further.  After slowing down the sounds and playing them in reverse, he found a hidden message.  Scary stuff indeed.

Adolescents and Dust Off --- Shortarmguy contributor Denise felt this was pretty important and asked me to spread the word to as many people as possible.

The Accident --- I think I've posted this before, but someone just sent me a new version from a radio station.  I guarantee this is a fake call....

Real or Hoax --- Fun little quiz featuring famous internet hoaxes

Marlin Fishing --- Why fishing ranks amongst the most dangerous of sports

London Bomber Photo Doctored?  --- I enjoy internet conspiracy theories and found this one to be interesting.

July 31, 2005

Rich Dad --- I'm always looking for secrets, tips, and tricks for achieving Financial Independence.  Robert Kiyosaki is the author of the best seller, Rich Dad, Poor Dad.  His books and tapes are pretty interesting, but I recently was exploring his website and discovered a very interesting post on the forums.  If you're the type of person who's interested in starting your own business and seeking FI, Check out Part III of this post here.

Grouchy Media --- This site hosts a large number of military rock videos.  The Army should contact this guy and sign him up for their recruitment team!

Bike Races ---  The lighter side of motorcycle crashes

Helicoptor Game --- Think you can you fly a helicopter? Okay, go ahead and give it your best shot. Click on the helicopter, hold the left mouse key down to go up and release the key to go down. But take heed, don't start with this thing....it'll drive you nuts!!! I am reduced to sitting in a corner, panicked.

July 25, 2005

The Asian Eminem --- Check out this rap battle...I have a lot of respect for guys who can freestyle like this!

Flexible Lady Falling --- This site is quite strange, but oddly addictive.

Great Wall Of China Jump --- This dude jumps over the Great Wall 5 different times on a skateboard!

Mad Money --- Watch Jim Cramer's new show on CNBC and get excited for the stock market bubble to start expanding again!  Can I still buy shares of Pets.com?

July 17, 2005

Murderball --- Now this looks like my kind of movie!  A documentary featuring a bunch of Crazy Cripples making the best of their situation.  Shortarmguy would love to play this game, but his damn wheelchair would just go around in circles...

TribbleChomper --- This was a great email received by Shortarmguy.  "Todd...Thank you for teaching!  a lesson...said lesson being that I should focus less on my DISability and more on my ABILITY. You asked for picture contributions...Here's what I came up with."  This link is to a collection of these pictures.  Keep up the good work, Tribblechomper!

Make Napoleon Dynamite Dance --- I'd rather make him do Illegal Ninja moves he learned from the government.

Lugo --- The video on this website is absolutely shocking.

July 8, 2005

Happy 4th of July! --- This is a nice website!

Live 8 List --- Not sure I can think of a higher priority for world leaders to focus on than figuring out a solution to World Hunger.

Google Earth --- This is a very cool new download from Google which will let you use satellite photos to explore your neighborhood, city, or pretty much any other place on earth that you'd like to check out!

Souter Gets Eminent Domained? --- Not sure how this will turn out, but it ought to fun to watch!

War Of The Worlds --- I can't believe I haven't heard more people bashing this movie!  It looks like it had a pretty decent opening weekend with $66 million, but it was terrible!!  Don't get me wrong, the aliens were cool and the first 20 minutes has great promise.  But the reaction of the people to the aliens is so unbelievable it borders on absurd!  The highlight is when Tom Cruise has the only Vehicle in town that works and he's able to drive through a perfect path of stalled vehicles on the interstate.  Then he drives it into a town full of people who go apeshit and carjack it from him!  It's so improbable, it's almost comical!  But of course, I didn't want to laugh at this movie!  I wanted it to freak me out!!!  Nothing Doing!  Spielberg has definitely been slipping in my book lately!  It's too bad because he's always been one of my favorite directors!

King Kong  --- Now this looks like a good movie!  King Kong starring Jack Black and directed by Peter Jackson?  Crazy Amazing or Crazing as I like to call it!  It's always tough to tell from the previews though.  I thought War of the World was going to be great and that was like a wet dream turning into a wet nightmare!

All Your Base Are Belong To Us --- I think I posted a link to this video a few years ago, but I recently stumbled across it again and still loved it!  It's a salute to an old bootleg arcade game with a poor Japanese to English translation. 

July 3, 2005

Batman Begins --- I thought Batman Begins was an incredible movie!  The best character development of any Superhero movie ever!  The plot was a little thin, but I was mesmerized by Christian Bale, Liam Neeson, Morgan Freeman, and Michael Caine.  I can't wait for the sequel!

Dukes of Hazzard --- We saw previews for Bewitched which looks absolutely horrible.  We also saw a preview for the Dukes of Hazzard and it looks like it might be pretty dang funny.  Plus, Jessica Simpson looks smoking as Daisy Duke!  Have you seen this new music video she did for the movie?  Those boots could do whatever they want to me!!

Tom Cruise Gets Wet -- I'm sure everyone has seen this by now, but if you missed the video of Tom Cruise getting squirted with water during an interview, you can watch it here.  Choose the 2nd option: Video of Interview.

Backfire --- This soldier was standing a little too close to the cannon.

Ultra High Speed Photography --- You have to watch the water balloon being popped!

June 26, 2005

Stealing From A Shark --- Watch the video of these dudes stealing a huge fish from a Mako shark!

Shortarmguy, Fo Shizzle --- This site translates regular websites into Snoop Dogg Speak.

Who's Bad? --- What kind of Michael Jackson are you?

Karate Kid --- This 8 year old will kick your ass.

Burn Your Parachute --- Among the crazier things you can do while skydiving!

June 18, 2005

Men In Coats --- These guys are pretty funny....make sure to watch through to the end....their little guy routine is hilarious!

UFO Footage --- Something weird is happening in the skies over Phoenix.  

Hall Of Shame --- Where else can you hear Andy Griffith, Joe Pesci, and Leonard Nimoy all sing in the same place?

Lite-Brite --- Cyber Toys Are Cool!

Luv and Hate --- A Tour Of Hollywood With The Rapbastardz Jesus H Christ

June 11, 2005

49ers Training Video --- Here's a link to the 49ers training video which has caused a bunch of fuss.  It's kind of funny, kind of stupid and obviously intended for a very select audience.  But political correctness prevails as always and the guy who made this lost his job.  How sad.

Tom Cruise Gone Wild --- Tom Cruise has lost his mind.  But I might do the same thing for Katie Holmes....who knows!  There's some more pictures of the circus here.

Prophet Yahweh --- This guy can supposedly summon UFO's on command.  And he surprises a television news crew from Los Angeles when he actually does it on camera.  Watch the video!

Fainting Goats --- Them's some crazy goats!

Veeper --- This ECARD creator is really neat!  You can upload and animate any picture!

Voyageur Media Center PC --- This is a PC that Famed Shortarmguy Stalker Steve "Cuds" Cuddihy built and we're currently selling at Nor-tech.  I thought this review turned out great for us!  Media Center PC's are extremely cool, but apparently they're not very popular yet.  Shortarmguy's alter ego, Todd Swank, was quoted in this article discussing Microsoft's newest operating system.

June 5, 2005

Lion VS 40 Midgets --- If you've ever found yourself sitting around and wondering "Who would win in a fight between a ferocious lion and 40 weaponless midgets" than this is the website for you!

Sedars.com --- Shortarmguy's Old Buddy, Jason Alexander, has continued on his trek around the planet and his updated online photo album to include new photos from all over the world!

Maze Challenge --- This maze is a lot tougher than it looks!!  I tried forty or fifty times and I was never able to get to the end!!!

Store Wars --- Just in case you haven't had enough Star Wars imagery overwhelm you over the past couple of weeks!  You could also re-visit this classic Triumph Interviews The Star Wars Nerds.

Pictures Of A Guy Eating The Pavement --- A photographer has been criticized for taking pictures of a bicycle rider who hits a big pothole and then crashes into the street.  He claims he was trying to help others avoid the same fate by highlighting the problem.  I'm not sure what to think on this one!

May 28, 2005

The BJ Shea Experience --- It appears that BJ Shea is a DJ on 100.7 The Buzz Radio For Guys in Seattle, Washington.  I can't say that I've heard his show, but he put a picture of Shortarmguy and a link to my site on his website, so I'm guessing he's a Damn Good Guy!!

I Love Paris --- Burger King increases their Sleaze Factor by featuring Paris Hilton in a sexy spot showcasing their Spicy New Sandwich.  I don't know about this one.  When I watch it, I don't really think about eating. 

Star Wars Trailer --- Krazy Kory was one of those 35 year old Star Wars nuts that stood in line for three days wearing his Jar Jar Binks costume.  His favorite pastime for the past two years has been surfing the net finding every spoiler he could for Episode III and sending them to me, even though he knows I hate spoilers!  He did find this original trailer for the original Star Wars, which is actually very cool.  If you have trouble finding it, go under the section marked original trilogy and keep hitting next clip until the very end.

Star Wars Spoofs  --- If you're like Krazy Kory and can't get enough Star Wars in your life, you should check out this site.  It's Fun!

Amarillo, Iraq ---  Life isn't always completely serious over there...

May 22, 2005

Candy Shop --- Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Do 50 Cent!

My Best Hockey Coach --- Coach Jules was really something!

XBOX 360 --- The New XBOX Looks Like It's Going To Be Pretty Cool!!

Smart Bird --- Einstein, The Amazing Talking Parrot!  He Tastes Like Chicken!

May 15, 2005 

Digital Connect Magazine --- Shortarmguy's Alter Ego, Todd Swank, is quoted in the current issue of Digital Connect pontificating on the controversial subject of Digital Rights Management.  If you don't understand the article, don't feel bad.  I have no idea what the hell I was talking about either!

Thong Song --- I love it when the ladies wear thongs to the beach!

Number of the Beast --- All this time we thought 666 was the number of the beast...come to find out, it was actually 616.  Does this mean that Grand Rapids, Michigan is the center of Hell?

Power of 10 --- I think I've posted this one before, but it's cool enough for an encore!

Bigfoot Photo --- Ladies, you know what they say.  If he has Big Feet....

End of the World --- They're saying this new pope may be signaling The End Of Days.  This may be a little premature, but...at the rapture, if anyone sees God before me....please put in a good word for your buddy, Shortarmguy, would you? 

Manakin Moonwalk --- Krazy Kory sends this link showing Birds Who Have Been Scarred By Michael Jackson

PMS Blues --- Dolly Parton sings about a very condition.

May 8, 2005

A Hero Falls --- I'm so excited to see Episode III!!!

The Weatherman From Hell --- If I was on TV, I'd be exactly like this!

Anagram Site --- Enter any word or words and this site will generate a bunch of anagrams.  How else would I have ever known that my name Robert Todd Swank could be mixed up to spell:

Dark Brownest Dot!

Bo Bice Busted --- It was reported this week that American Idol Finalist, Bo Bice, had a couple brushes with the law regarding some drug problems.  I like Bo, but Carrie Underwood is my favorite.  I think she's going to crush everyone!  I'm also glad that Constantine Maroulis was voted off this week!  I've liked Scott Savol since the beginning and think he deserves to be in the final three.  If I had my way, Anthony Fedorov would be voted off next followed by Vonzell Solomon.  Then, after Carrie Underwood wins, she poses for naked pictures in Playboy!  If I had my way...

Vanishing --- How To Disappear in America Without Leaving A Trace.  Krazy Kory sent this to me.  I'm sure this is information he'll need to use more than once in his life.

April 30, 2005

    Has Johnny Gosch Been Found? --- I'm sure anyone who grew up in Iowa in the eighties will remember the story of Johnny Gosch and how he was abducted and never found.  I remember having nightmares about it when I was a kid.  Well, there's a growing conspiracy theory that Gosch is actually scandalized White House Press Reporter Jeff Gannon.  Crazy!!

Gary Brolsma.Net --- I'm a Numa Numa Nut!  This website is dedicated to the Numa Numa king, Gary Brolsma.  Be sure to check out the Napoleon Dynamite version.  Hello!

Shortarmguy Competition --- My friend, CUDS, just sent this to me saying this guy presents some tough competition for Shortarmguy.  Let me say it now, I would crush this guy in a swimming contest.  I just wonder how the hell he gets out of the pool?

Bikini Sniffer --- If you're at the store and a beautiful woman asks you to help her decide on which bikini she should buy, it might be wise to think there's a hidden camera somewhere.  So don't smell the stuff she just tried on...

Wired NextFest 2005 --- The Shortarmguy Family is most likely going to be trekking to Chicago for this event...looks pretty cool to me!

April 24, 2005

nVidia Story --- Shortarmguy's Alter Ego, Todd Swank, pretends like he knows what he's talking about regarding chipmaker, nVidia's, corporate strategy!

Business Closings Alert --- A TV station in North Carolina allows businesses to submit Bad Weather Closings over the internet.  Pandemonium Ensues!

Don't Screw With Disney --- This is what happens to your web business when you try to screw with Mickey Mouse!

Moose On The Run --- I have a buddy who owns an Arctic Cat Dealership, so I know how much these things are desired!

Atlantis Uncovered --- Atlantis has been discovered by an amateur Explorer using nothing but his PC and Internet Connection.  I'm going to try to trap the Loch Ness Monster in the exact same fashion!

Imaginary Girlfriends --- Are you sick and tired of not having a girlfriend?  This company will sell you a fake one!

April 17, 2005

Jenna Bush, Dirty Dancer --- Somebody please find this tape and send it to me.  Thanks!

Minneapolis, Top Tech City --- My old buddy, Doug R, found this and I thought it was pretty cool.  Popular Science names Minneapolis the Top Tech City!  I'm sure it's because Shortarmguy.com is created nearby!!

Mail Order Husbands --- Better hurry, ladies.  There's some definite winners on here that I'm sure we'll be taken very quickly!

I'm Rick James, Bitch! ---- Charlie Murphy!  This is a soundboard for the hilarious Dave Chappelle skit featuring Rick James, Bitch!

3 Cup --- This seems like it should be a lot easier!!!

Screen Clean --- Is your monitor dirty?  This will help!

April 9, 2005

Giovanni Experiences --- I saw Giovanni at the Intel Solutions Summit in Las Vegas and he was fantastic!  He's a Motivational Magician who made us all laugh while teaching some valuable life lessons.  I'm currently reading his book, Live A Thousand Years, which I find enjoyable as well.  If you get a chance to see his show, don't miss it!

Newgrounds --- The Numa Numa guy on American Idol!

Greatest Movie Douchebags Ever --- I've never understood why being called a douchebag is considered a bad thing...

The Way You Make Me Feel --- Michael Jackson finally gets a chance to defend himself.

New Scientist --- 13 Mysteries of the Universe

Text To Speech --- Hit Text To Speech and Try Now.  Hours of fun!

April 2, 2005

The Office ---- The Office is an excellent new show on NBC.  This site has a great clip about diversity training.

CRN Article --- Shortarmguy's alter ego "Todd Swank" is quoted in this article about Intel's President, Paul Otellini.

Phydeux Signs O' The Times --- Phydeux made this cool list about "You know it's 2005 when..."

Credit Card Prank --- Do you think anyone ever really looks at the signature on your credit card receipts?  This guy didn't...

Hot Ride --- The bus, the bus, the bus is on fire!

Shark Attack --- Two great white sharks attack a surfer.  Not great footage, but I'm so horrified by the prospect of being attacked by a shark that I'm always looking for new videos on the subject!

March 26, 2005

March Madness --- Follow Along and watch Shortarmguy (Todd Swank) as he loses badly in Steve "Cuds" Cuddihy's NCAA Office Pool.

HDTV's Effect On The Supposedly Beautiful --- Cameron Diaz, Britney Spears and many others really hate new television technologies!!

Leave It To Bush --- Gary Busey and George Bush.  Obscure comedy.  

Want To Learn English? --- (Dirty Words Warning!!!) A Dutch Commercial for the importance of taking English Classes.

Sharon Stone Topless --- (Nudity Warning!)  What's going on with these crazy celebrities?  Last week, there were new photos of Sheryl Crow topless and now Sharon Stone is getting in the act!!  I Love The Internet!

March 20, 2005

The Tape --- Krazy Kory thought it would be fun to risk my life by sending me this link.  I'm hoping one of you will save me by watching the tape for me...

Popular Mechanics --- Popular Mechanics is ruining everything by debunking the internet's most popular conspiracy theories regarding September 11th.  I always knew that magazine was a front for some secret government organization!!

Age Gage --- I'm the exact same age as Jennifer Lopez!!  I knew someday I would rule the planet!!

JibJab --- The folks at JibJab have found a funny little video dedicated to the fun buying legal drugs.

Sheryl Crow Topless --- (Nudity Warning!)  Sheryl Crow is caught by some paparazzi flashing her boobies!  All I Wanna Do!

March 13, 2005

Dance, White Boy, Dance --- This would be really funny if I hadn't seen guys like this at the Club once too often!

Save Toby --- Send this guy money or he's going to eat the bunny!

GoogleFight --- Steve "Cuds" Cuddihy from dadsclan.com found this fun little site which allows you to create internet battles between anyone and anything.

Calvin & Hobbes --- Every Comic Strip ever created!

USA Today Presents Movies I Gotta See --- I'm dying to watch them all!

March 6, 2005

NumaNuma Video Revisited  --- I posted a link to this video a few weeks ago, but apparently it's popularity just continues to get bigger and bigger.  The video has been viewed millions of times and the creator, Gary Brolsma, is now an international celebrity appearing on television show's like Good Morning, America, CNN, and VH1.  Lucky Bastard!

TPS --- The Movie Office Space As Told By The Super Friends

National Lampoon --- Things To Say To A Neighbor You've Never Met Before While Shoveling

Have Patience In The Pizza Place --- Phil from Michigan sent this news clip about a guy getting beaten severely after complaining about a lady cutting in line in front of him!

Flight --- It's a 3 minute ride as seen from the cockpit of an F-18 taking off and landing on an aircraft carrier.  All of which is set to the 1968 hit music of the Steppenwolf's "Magic Carpet Ride."

Wikipedia --- The constantly growing, open source, free encyclopedia.  Like Ebay, this is what the internet was made for!

Home Made Flamethrower --- How To Burn Your House Down Quickly and Easily

February 27, 2005

Tsunami Uncovers An Ancient City --- This is it!  We've found the location of the magic temple and the portal to the 7th Dimension!!

Worst TV Clips Of The Week --- You're So Right, Parents Television Council!!  These Video Clips Are Terrible!!!  Thank God No Child Could Ever Figure Out How To Get To Your Website To Watch Them!! 

Superman Is A Dick --- I never really realized this, but Superman is kind of a jerk as shown by these old Comic Book Covers.

Vince Carter Is A Real Superman --- The New Jersey Nets Star Leaps Over A 7 Foot Tall Player In A Single Bound

Buttplugs --- What does it take to get some Butt Plugs around this place??

Patches The Horse --- Get The Feeling These Guys Might Like Their Horse Too Much?

Phydeux Rules --- Phydeux is a Friend Of Shortarmguy.  Here's Some Of His Rules For Living...

February 20, 2005

MJ's Favorite Things --- I used to think he was innocent and a victim of the media, until I saw him claim to be abused by the police.  He said they locked him in a room with Doodie on the walls and tormented him.  Then the police released a video showing that no such thing ever happened.  My thought is, if he can lie about that....he can lie about anything. 

Rooster Booster --- I'm hooked on this energy drink!!  It's just like Red Bull, but only a buck a can. Supposedly, I'm getting smarter with every can I drink!  If it really worked, I'd be smart enough to know that it's stupid to pay a buck for a small can of double caffeinated soda pop!

EPIC 2014 --- This is a paranoid vision of the future.  Big Brother Is Really Watching!!

Go Daddy.com --- The Go Daddy.com commercial was probably one of the Super Bowl's Best.  Here you can see the Full, Uncensored version.  Here's a site that has all of the Super Bowl Commercials ranked 1 through 29.

Jail Cam --- A Live Video Feed inside a Tennessee Jail.  Looks pretty boring to me!

NWA Cover ---(Warning: Heavy Profanity!) A female country singer covering NWA?  I love it!

Ray --- I saw Ray this weekend and loved it too!!

You know Rudy? --- Dr Bollig sent this to me.  Said it reminded him of Shortarmguy's old dog Rudy.  Kind of made me cry!!

February 13, 2005

Paul Ebeling --- I wanted to list this site as one of my favorites, although it certainly isn't one of my regular weird or wacky sites that I usually list here.  Paul Ebeling is a guy from Clear Lake, Iowa where Shortarmguy grew up.  Paul recently discovered a large tumor in his chest and has some pretty difficult challenges ahead of him dealing with radiation treatment and surgery.  Please keep Paul and his beautiful family in your prayers.

American Idol Wannabe --- Mary Roach hears voices in her head....none of which has the balls to tell her she can't sing!  More American Idol Video Clips Here.

Prison Planet --- I have been exchanging quite a few emails with an Electrical Engineer who works at a large University in Australia.  He is a very nice gentleman who feels that Shortarmguy is misguided by his support of President Bush and the US Government's current foreign policy.  He says that he enjoys many things about the United States, but insists we're being lied to by our government about our motives in Iraq and other parts of the world.  I can't say that he's shaken my belief system or anything like that, but he made some rather intriguing arguments.  He sent me this site which hosts a BBC video arguing that the Terrorist Threat is completely overblown.  I'll reserve from making judgment on the content, but present it as an alternative view to ponder. 

Great Shot --- Nothing like making a full court shot to win the game!!  Be sure to watch the video!

Drunk Walk ---- Use your mouse to help the drunk walk home.  If only this worked in real life, I wouldn't pass out in the street so much!

The Real Simpsons --- How much fun would it be to have these guys at a party?

Stevie was fiction --- Friend of Shortarmguy, Mark Shiro, pointed out that last week's Email That Made Me Think The Most was in fact, a lie.  Oh well, it was still a sweet tale!

February 6, 2005

Brainwashing 101 ---- Some people are calling this guy the Right's answer to Michael Moore.  I'm not sure if that's something I'd want to be or not.  

New Homeland Security Alert --- This is guaranteed to save many lives.

Hu's On First --- George and Condi are the new Abbott & Costello!

Senate Hearings --- Condi and Barbara Boxer aren't nearly as friendly.

The Duel --- When is Deliverance going to be re-made with a 2005 twist?

We didn't start the fire --- Great history lesson here!

January 29, 2005

Beth D'Amato --- Beth's father and my father used to work together at Kmart.  Now, she has the coolest job in the entire world!!  You can see her on this video a couple of minutes into it...

Lions Vs Hyenas --- Who was the psycho that shot this footage?

Media Coverage of the Iraq War --- This is a very enlightening article about how the media is covering the Iraq War.  Exactly Why Are We Always The Bad Guys?

Packer Bash --- A Fun Website To Send To Your Favorite Packers Fan

Concentration Test For Men --- (Nudity Warning!) Can You Find The Red Ball?

January 22, 2005

NASA TV --- If you're into SPACE Stuff, there's no better channel to watch than NASA TV!  I watched live as the Huygens Probe landed on Saturn's moon of Titan and then waited breathlessly for the first pictures to arrive.  It turned out to be quite lame....just a bunch of blurry, orange rocks.  I thought for sure there was going to be fricking monsters down there! 

Killer Whale and the Kayak --- Well, Snopes ruins another internet fantasy for me!  I totally believed that last week's Multimedia Clip of the week showing the Killer Whale jumping in the air and landing on the kayaker was real.  Turns out it was part of a Powerade commercial in Japan!!  But they also link to a trailer for a Killer Whale documentary which looks equally disturbing called Slave To Entertainment!

Celebrity Secrets --- (Naughty Site Warning!)  This is a clever detective who reveals a bunch of Super-Secret Celebrity Secrets!

Sammy's Lyrics and Tunes --- This is a great site by a friend of Shortarmguy  which can be used like an online Karaoke machine!  My boys had to tell me to Be Quiet as I sang along to some old classics!

Tsunami Pictures --- Incredible Before and After Pictures of the Tsunami

January 15, 2005

Are You My Mama? --- No matter how bad the storm, there's always a ray of sunshine that eventually shows up.

Michael Crichton --- I just finished reading his great new book called State of Fear.  It totally rips up the theory of global warming.  I'm sure it's not real popular with the John Kerry crowd, but I found it to be quite entertaining and informative.  This is a link to the forums on Crichton's website where you can read what people are saying about it.

 Forklift Safety Video  --- This link is from my friend, Doug!  It's a bit gruesome and takes a little time to get going before you see why it's intriguing.  It's a parody of industrial safety films.  The title translates to "Forklift driver Klaus - the first day of work."  If you don't do German, that's OK!  You'll still know what's going on soon enough.

Sweet Revenge --- Ever had a girl cheat on you?  This is one way to deal with it...

Fun With A Feather  --- This girl likes to be tickled!

January 8, 2005

Happy New Year --- All right, I'm a bit late....but this is a cute site!!

Tsunami Videos ---   This site hosts a large number of tsunami amateur home videos.  A friend of mine also hosted several here.  I never knew what a freaky thing a tidal wave was until I saw all the footage circulating the net showing the recent tragedy in Asia.  I guess I always assumed a person would be able to see it coming or be able to run away from it before it hit the shore.  These images really spooked me!  I can't imagine I'll ever go to the beach again without suspiciously watching the water!!  

NumaNuma --- Another weirdo like Shortarmguy who sits alone in front of his web camera and sings his heart out!!

Nike Commercial --- Great Video From Nike high-lighting why Just Doing It is so important!

Popular Science --- I've really been getting into this magazine lately.  Why Didn't I Study Science Harder In School?  It's Just So Cool!

Letters --- Quit Stealing My Letters!!!


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