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Diary Entry For February 8, 2009

On Tuesday night, the Shortarmguy Family went to watch the local high school basketball team play.  Although the Prior Lake Lakers ended up losing to the Farmington Tigers, we still had a great time attending the game!

Before the game, we had a little family contest to determine who loved me the most.  Avery narrowly defeated his mother in the heated contest.  Luke pretty much sealed his third place finish by kicking me in the groin shortly after the competition started.

Representatives of the Minnesota Timberwolves attended the game.  I tried to get the boys to have their photo taken with the cheerleaders, but they refused.  Of course, I couldn't pass up the opportunity.  I think the picture turned out great, but for some silly reason Miss Sheri doesn't like it nearly as much as I do. 

Saturday night was a very exciting time for our family as Luke had the opportunity to make his debut as a comedian!

Because of his heart condition, Luke was selected to receive a wish from the Wishes and More Organization.  We were surprised to see this poster when we arrived at the event.  The photo and Luke's background story were taken from this Star Tribune Article.  This is what the poster said:

If it is true that laughter is the best medicine, then Luke has healing on his side!  Diagnosed with heart disease at birth, Luke has been through many surgeries and difficult times.  However, overcoming the odds is what he and his twin brother, Avery, also with a heart condition, seem to do best  With a comedian father to take after, Luke loves entertaining and being in the spotlight!  His great sense of humor and energetic spirit keep him and his loved ones going on what has been a difficult journey. 

Luke's wish is to be featured on a video as a comedian and tour behind the scenes as a comedian at with producers Will Ferrell, Adam McKay, and Chris Henchy or to meet someone like Adam Sandler.  Wishes & More is working hard to get Luke's wish processed so that he and his family can be laughing their way to a wish come true!

This is Cindy.  She was one of the wonderful Wishes & More volunteers who came to our house to interview Luke, learn about him, and help him figure out what he wanted his wish to be.

Not only was Luke performing at the Wishes and More Valentine's Ball, he and Avery were also the official greeters for the event!  They did a great job handing out Valentine's to the ladies and shaking hands with the gentlemen as they entered the event.  Well, they did a great job at first.  After about an hour of greeting the hundreds of people at the entrance, they both got just a little bit cranky!

At about 8PM, it was Luke's official debut as a comedian.  We were so dang proud of him.  Although we'd been practicing the performance for weeks, we were concerned that actually doing it in front of the hundreds of people in the audience would be a challenge for him.  But he pulled it off without a single error!  He's such a natural.  His delivery and timing were right on target and the audience roared with laughter several times.  At the end, Luke received a long standing ovation and he beamed with pride!!


Unfortunately, we don't have video available of the actual performance yet, but this is a video we took of us practicing the act a few days before.  I'll be certain to post a video of the actual performance on a future update as soon as I have it. 

We tried to get Avery to participate in our act, but he wasn't really into it.  The organizers of the evening were very cool, though, and were sure to include Avery in several other parts of the program.  Here he's seen demonstrating one of the live auction items and talking to "The Rookie" from Minneapolis talk radio station KSTP AM1500.  

This is Karla Blomberg.  She's the president of Wishes and More and was the one who invited Luke to make his comedy debut at their benefit on Saturday night.  After Luke's performance, she stayed with him on stage and told Luke that they'd forwarded the above video of his performance to none other than Louie Anderson!  Although we don't have the details yet, she said that Louie has invited Luke to do some kind of comedy bit with him in either Las Vegas or California!  Although I'm pretty sure Luke didn't have a clue who Louie Anderson is, mom and dad were very excited to hear it!

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Apparently, they're not so different...

Turns out, Obama is kind of a dick.

Everyone is getting sick of winter!

The people who did this are getting in trouble for it, but you have to's pretty dang funny!

The Turtle Turret

Why I'm Moving....


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On the second day, she heard the doorbell. Much to her Dismay, she opened the door to see a grey-haired gentleman sitting in a wheelchair. He had no arms or legs.
The old woman said, 'You're not really asking me to consider you, are you? Just look at have no legs!'
The old man smiled, 'Therefore, I cannot run around on You!'

 She snorted. 'You don't have any arms either!'
Again, the old man smiled, 'Therefore, I can never beat You!'
She raised an eyebrow and asked intently,  'Are you Still good in bed???'

The old man leaned back, beamed a big smile and said,

'Rang the doorbell, didn't I?'


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February 8, 2009


Help Bush Pack ---  This is a bit dated, but a funny site nonetheless.


Kelly Clarkson --- My Life Would Suck Without You



Terry Fator --- MDA Telethon 2008


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February 8, 2009

John Smith started the day early having set his alarm clock


for 6 am.

While His coffeepot


    was perking, he shaved with his

   electric razor


He put on a

dress shirt 


designer jeans



tennis shoes


After cooking his breakfast in his new

electric skillet


he sat down with his calculator


to see how much he could spend today. 

After setting his watch


to the radio


he got in his car


filled it with  GAS

(from Saudi Arabia)

 and continued his search

 for a good paying AMERICAN JOB.

At the end  of yet another discouraging

and fruitless day

checking his  Computer

(Made In Malaysia),

Joe decided to relax for a while.

He put on his



poured himself a glass of  wine


 and turned on his TV


and then wondered  why he can't find a good paying job in AMERICA.



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