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Who is Shortarmguy?


The Origins of

Shortarmguy's Miami Ink Experience

Because of his heart condition, Luke was selected to receive a wish from the Wishes and More Organization. He told them his dream was to be a comedian. Luke was then asked to perform in front of 500 people at the Wishes and More Valentine's Ball on February 7th. This is a video of the performance.

Shortarmguy Does Stand Up Comedy

Shortarmguy Wins Round One Of Twin Cities Funniest Person Competition 7/27/04


Shortarmguy Loses Semi Finals Of Twin Cities Funniest Person Competition 8/4/04 


10 Minute Crippled Comedy Video

Crippled Comedy Short #1


Shortarmguy's KFC Rap

Shortarmguy and The Dude's Submission In NBC's The Office Promo

Shortarmguy and the Pizza Sauce

The  Flying Cripple

The Office Video Remix.....

Shortarmguy --- Let's Go Crazy!


Click On The Picture To View Shortarmguy and college roommate, John Finstad, paying tribute to Paul McCartney


Shortarmguy Fights For Your Right To Party!

Shortarmguy Multiplies His Possibilities



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The Star Tribune Did A Great Article

About Luke and Avery's First Day of School

Click Here To Read The Article

Click Here To Read About Luke & Avery



Hello and Welcome to the land of ShortArmGuy!

My name is Todd Swank and I'm Shortarmguy. It is my every intention to make this the funniest and most inspirational site on the internet. I strongly believe that this medium and I were made for each other. If you have the same sense of humor I do, we should get along just fine. If you're politically correct or find yourself to be sensitive to certain adult humor or jokes about the Handicapped, you might feel uncomfortable with certain things I say, items I post, or links I provide. If you're one of these people, I'd like to make a suggestion for you. Lighten the hell up! You take yourself way too seriously!! Quit judging others and expand your thinking!

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