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2010 Intel Solutions Summit in Las Vegas, Nevada

March 21, 2010

It was Vegas time this week!

Dr. Bollig and I headed to Sin City this week to connect with our Good Friends at the Intel Solutions Summit and learn all the cool stuff the world's largest semiconductor company is doing in 2010.  This is our old buddy, Max Glover, doing a presentation on the new product roadmaps.  Being this was the second day of the convention, I noticed a lot more empty seats than I saw on the first day.  I guess too many people have been watching that movie, The Hangover, and ended up trying to re-create it while they were in town!

You can hardly blame them.  Intel set us up right in the middle of the strip at The Palazzo.  Combined with it's sister hotel, the Venetian, it is the largest hotel in the world.  It has more than 7000 rooms!  I'd sure hate to be the guy responsible to keep them all clean!  I had a hard enough time just trying to walk by all of them on my way to different classes each day!

Of course, the best part of going to ISS is the chance for us to connect with old friends like , Friedrich, who Dr. Bollig and I used to work with for many years while we were at Globelle.  We also had the chance to meet Friedrich's awesome wife, Ann, and our newest friend Mitch who hails from Moorhead, Minnesota.  Mitch and David hit it off so well that they both started wearing the same shirts everywhere they went!

We had lots of fun with our Intel rep, Scott, and our old pal, Byron, who we've been hanging out with at ISS for many years.  Here we're at the Shops in the Palazzo mall.  Doesn't that sky look real?

No Intel trip would be complete without seeing our previous Intel Rep, Ratika.  Ratika was married this past summer and is doing absolutely fantastic!  She's now a certified Passion Test Facilitator as well.  Check out her website here:  http://www.toyourpassionatelife.com/

I was lucky enough to meet some new friends as well.  This gal had the shiniest fingers I've ever seen!

Probably our favorite new friend was the Hula Hoop Girl at the Intel Vendor Pavilion.  She's from Russia and really knew how to spin a hoop!


Here you can watch her give Dr. Bollig a very special Hula Hoop Lesson!

On the last night we were there, Intel rented out one of the coolest clubs in town called Lavo.  We danced our butts off. 

The hallway leading to the nightclub is lined with sinks featuring faucets running water.  I'm sure some people think they're cool, but they just made me have to go pee.

I came home on Wednesday and remembered we had a dinner with Microsoft on Thursday night.  I showed up, but was a good boy and came home early.   Poor Miss Sheri had a long week at home by herself so I figured I'd better not push my luck!  I heard some of the other fellows stuck around, though, and had a really good time!

Avery had an eye exam at school and the nurse told us we should have his eyes checked by a professional.  Turns out, the kid needed glasses!  So on Saturday, that's what we did.  The doctor said he only needed to wear them when he wanted to see far, but they must really be helping him because he wants to wear them all the time.  Luke was pretty happy because he didn't need to get glasses.  So was my wallet! 

Sunny was also happy this weekend because the ice on the lake has finally melted enough so he can resume one of his favorite activities: 

Terrorizing Geese!

Have a Great Week Everyone!!


Quote of the Week

“Courage must come from the soul within; the man must furnish the will to win. So figure it out for yourself, my lad. You were born with all that the great have had.”

– Edgar Guest, poet


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March 14, 2010


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