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May 16, 2010

First Golf Game of the Season

On Monday, we had the opportunity to taste some Dutch Oven Cooking with the Boy Scouts.  Those Dutch people sure know how to make good food!

It was cold and rainy so Miss Sheri ducked out early therefore missing her opportunity to sample the goodies.  I tried to make up for it by eating her share of the gooey bread doughnuts!

On Friday night, I went over to my co-worker Sean's house to hang out for awhile.  This is a photo I snapped of him as he drove up to his driveway.  We had a really great time!  So good in fact that the next time I go over there I'm hoping that he actually lets me come inside his house!  

On Saturday morning we left the house early to play our first round of golf at Cleary Lake Golf Course. 

We had fun, but we were all a little bit disappointed with our game play.  The 8 months off really showed up in our strokes!  At least Luke and I were able to get really sunburned throughout the morning which helped make the game more memorable!  

Shortly after I snapped this photo, Avery exclaimed to me "Will you stop taking my picture!!!"  It's hard having a dad with a website.

On Saturday night, we went to a party to help celebrate Melissa Cuddihy's graduation to become a registered nurse!  I kept following her around all night trying to tell her about symptoms I've been experiencing lately, but she didn't seem to want to hear about them.

This is Steven.  He spent a lot of time with Miss Sheri and I telling us about some of his life experiences.  Apparently he's overcome a lot of challenges in life including being in a coma for three and a half months, experiencing a whole bunch of different brain surgeries, and being in a wheelchair for nearly 5 years.  Steven is proud of the fact that Jesus saved him and healed him and the reason He did that was so Steven could spread the message about Jesus' love.  I told Steven I'd post this picture of him on my website to help him with his life's mission.  

I didn't catch the name of the gentleman who was hosting the party, but I must say he has one of the coolest "Man Caves" in his garage that I've seen in a long time.  At the end of the night, he entertained the crowd by playing the drums along with some classic rock songs.  He was quite good!  Miss Sheri had to drag me out of there while he was just getting started playing along with "Tom Sawyer" by Rush.  I'm kind of glad she did, because I probably would have stayed there all night had it been up to me!


Nice Emails of the Week

Those worms in the trees of the dog park are really harmless. We get them here in PA every spring.
Some people call them web worms or more commonly, tent caterpillars. They eat some of the tree leaves near where the web or tent is located. That's about it.  They don't do any serious injury to the tree.
I think you may need to get outside more if you never saw them before.
Best regards,   R. Stokes


Quote of the Week

Fix the problem, not the blame.

Japanese proverb


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May 9, 2010

Mother's Day


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