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Shortarmguy and Friends at The Cedar Bridge in Winterset, Iowa

November 15, 2009

The Shortarmguy Family drove down to Des Moines, Iowa this weekend to visit our good friends, Krazy Kory, and Ron "Sugarman" Myers. 

The main reason for our trip was to see Baby Harli Madson who was born on October 22nd.  The story of her life can be found here.  She was a very popular girl while we were there.

She was popular with Ron's family...

....and also with Mike Glaser's family who we had the pleasure of seeing as well. 

Not only did we get to see Krazy Kory's new little girl, but we also had the thrill of seeing his new gig!  He and another friend of ours have taken over the management of Lakeview Country Club in Winterset, Iowa.   We only had the chance to play a couple of holes on this 9-hole course, but what we saw was very pretty and quite challenging!

Not only is the golf course great fun, but the restaurant serves outstanding food!  This is Kory's partner, Kevin Dirks, who's an old friend of ours along with Vicky who was running the bar while we were there.  She talked us into trying the Bratwurst Burgers and some Jalapeno Poppers and both dishes were excellent!  If you live anywhere near Winterset, Iowa, you'd be a crazy fool not to stop by and see these guys!!!!

The golf course is located just a hop, skip, and a jump away from The Cedar Bridge which is one of the official covered bridges in Madison County, Iowa.   Inside the bridge, there were a bunch of signatures from all over the world.  When I saw Johnny Erickson's hand print, I just had to include mine next to it.  Sadly, I only had a pen with me so it doesn't look nearly as nice as Johnny's black marker artistry.

When we weren't out checking out The Bridges of Madison County, we were back at the hotel swimming.  We really had a great time at the pool!  So great in fact that I decided to only pee in the hot tub a couple of times.  If I'd have gone much more than that, it might have started causing problems for the others.   

Avery likes to think that Krazy Kory is a Human Diving Board.

Sam the Dog likes to think that Ron is a Human Pez Dispenser.  But instead of Pez, he spits out dog treats.  That makes Sam the Dog pretty happy.

On Saturday night, the whole crew ate dinner at a wonderful restaurant called The Radish in Grimes.   The food was excellent and the company was just swell.   All in all, it was a darned good weekend in Iowa!


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Awesome you covered everything very funny and timely yes!!! keep up the good work((( smiles)))



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